Principal's Desk

Ms. Tiasha Saha



Embarking on a journey with Delhi Public International School means entering a realm of holistic education and boundless possibilities. Our mission is to create a liberal and diverse environment that nurtures not just academic excellence but also the finer values of empathy, integrity, patriotism, and honesty.

At DPIS, we provide a platform for students to hone their academic and co-curricular skills. We encourage the natural curiosity in every child, fostering a habit of lifelong learning. In this dynamic era, our focus is on preparing students for the global platform, instilling in them the ability to think, articulate, and face the world with a humane yet critical approach.

Our success story is a collective effort, supported by our CEO, Pro Vice Chairman, Director, school management, well-wishers, and parents. Together, we aim to empower students to become leaders with character, contributing to a more tolerant, peaceful, and progressive world.

Welcome to DPIS, where excellence meets education, and every student is encouraged to embark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

Best Regards,
Ms. Tiasha Saha
M. A ( English), M.A ( Sociology), M. Phil ( English), B. Ed